Why Croatia?

Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination for those looking for alternatives to their typical holidays to the likes of Greece or Italy. There are several aspects of Croatia which combined with the great value, affordable accommodation and food makes it a great holiday destination for a range of families and parties. At CroatiaDeals.co.uk we are passionate about the great holidays on offer in this beautiful part of the world.

Croatia beach holidays

There are many beautiful beach resorts in Croatia

There are 30 potential holiday resorts across Croatia most of which are on the beautiful coast line of the country which covers over 4000 km and over 1100 different potential islands waiting for you to explore. Islands that are part of Croatia include the largest which is Hvar, which is easily considered to be as one of the most naturally beautifully habited islands in the world with a combination of greenery, lavender fields, picture postcard beaches and ancient ruins.

The variety of resorts available means that whatever you are looking for in a holiday chances are you can find it in Croatia. Examples of such are relaxing beach breaks which give you beautiful views over the turquoise Adriatic Sea or alternatively a break on the marina taking in all of the years of history behind the beautiful Croatian culture.


Historical and unspoilt Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is another one of the potential resorts you can visit and a great reason why you should visit Croatia. It has been historically awarded the title of “The Pearl of the Adriatic” and upon visiting you will easily see why and to ensure that the world is aware of the beauty and history on offer at Croatia and specifically Dubrovnik the Dubrovnik Old City is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Throughout the resort you will notice an array of baroque style architecture, marble streets, sculptures and fountains at every turn.  In those beautiful buildings you will find contemporary art galleries, cafes and theatres making it a perfect destination for the culture filled holiday, especially for those interested in art and architecture.  Beyond the city sights you will also find a selection of beaches either busy managed beaches such as Bange near the Old Town and highly convenient or the more secluded Sv Jakov Beach.


Arriving to Dubrovnik by cruise ship!

One of the main advantages of a holiday to Croatia is the quiet atmosphere that surrounds many of the resorts on the islands. Although Croatia is rapidly rising in popularity and many of the stars are choosing it as their holiday destination of choice much of Croatia is still quiet and traditional, once you move away from your hotel resort you can spend hours exploring the traditional fishing villages and marinas without seeing a single tourist.

Accommodation to choose from in Croatia tends to be on the coast line and on the harbours so you can wake up every morning to the relaxing sound of waves and beautiful scenery.

There are countless stunning sights to explore throughout Croatia, both naturally on the many uninhabited islands and furthermore through the architecture and Croatian art deco design.

Budget flights are available and even the exclusive all inclusive five star holidays can be booked on a budget making this a perfect destination for those looking for art, luxury and style.