Croatia Weather

Croatia is home to a varying climate which fluctuates depending on your location and when you intend on taking your holiday. The Croatia climate can be both Mediterranean or temperate and continental, hot and dry but also mild and wet but luckily as Croatia holidays tend to be only on the beach resorts during the summer months you will get the hot sunny Mediterranean weather with no need to worry about the climate inland and during the winter.

The three main Croatian destinations where you are likely to holiday are Dubrovnik, Porec and Rovinj and here is the typical weather overview for these popular beach resorts.


Dubrovnik ViewDubrovnik, one of the most southern Croatian holiday destinations has a climate which is exceptionally different from what you would normally find on the Mediterranean and this is primarily a result of the winds hitting the resort throughout the year due it is location. The holiday season in Dubrovnik runs from April to October with the milder temperatures at the start and end of the season making it a great time to take your holiday. The weather in Dubrovnik throughout the summer months is some of the hottest and sunniest in Europe, 12 hours of sunshine daily adds up to a massive 2900 hours by the end of the year. Temperatures in Dubronvik throughout the summer tends to be over the 25 degrees centigrade mark with most days between July and August over 30 degrees.


Porec BeachPorec to the north of Croatia tends to have a more temperate climate and although the summers are hot, dry and sunny the atmosphere benefits from the sea winds and tends to be less humid than what you would find in the likes of Dubrovnik, making it a more comfortable holiday destination. The peak summer months of July and August tend to have temperatures peaking at 28 degrees centigrade and there is the potential for higher temperatures. There will be the occurrence of rainfall during the summer with showers potentially half of the month however with only 60mm of rain during July it is still relatively dry and showers quickly dried up through the hot, sunny days that follow.



RovinjRovinj situated on the Croatian coast has long hot summers with long hours of daily sunshine which makes it an attractive holiday destination. Rovinj enjoys average temperatures during June to August of 27 degrees with the minimum temperatures of 19 degrees and highs of 32 degrees. Rain falls throughout the year and generally no more than 5 days of the month in May and 2 in July. The hot temperatures can be made comfortable thanks to the relatively low humidity levels and light breezes.

Water temperatures on the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea remain warm throughout the year making it a great destination for summer water sports, diving and snorkelling or just swimming.